Battle Machine
Affiliation Exo-Force
Armor 8 centimetres of intractium armor
Power Source Power Core
Weapons Flamethrower, Triple Bladed Sword type weapon
Pilot Schorch
Status destroyed, or still fighting
Location Senitia Mountain

Blaze is a robot soldier Battle Machine for the Exo-Force.


Fire BattleEdit

The First battle the Blaze battle machine has been taken into. It has just been sent into a lava eniroment at the bottem of Senitia Mountain. Schorch has not reported back so he and the Blaze Machine are ether destroyed, or still fighting.


  • Flamethrower
  • Triple Bladed Sword type weapon


NGM FlameThrower

Blaze's Flamethrower

It is done being constructuded and is planned to be used later for missions taht require entering a lava enviroment. It has mostly 8 centimetres of intractium armor and is planned to has a red orange and simver colored camaflouge armor. Weapons and other tools include a flamethrower, and a triple bladed sword type weapon. It is driven by Schorch and is undergoing the first test runs.