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Iron Drone
Type Iron Drone
Color brown
Equipment Blaster
Battle Machine(s) Sentry, R-1 Rammer, Storm Lasher, Flame Thrower
Status In Use
Location Sentai Mountain

Iron Drone are Robots strong and durable, mass-manufactured and designed to withstand extreme amounts of punishment.


Using SentryEdit

The robots attacked the South Bridge with many Sentrys, Jorge a Exo-Force Pilot using a Uplink shot with his Blaster Cannon destroying a Sentry. while dodging gunfire from the other Sentrys he used a torpedo to make a hole in the bridge destroyed most of the Sentrys. finally he eliminate the last sentry with a shot.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Strong and durable, mass-manufactured and designed to withstand extreme amounts of punishment, the Iron Drone is the “workhorse” of the robot legion. The vast majority of the robots involved in this conflict are Iron Drones, and they pilot the seemingly endless and disposable smaller battle machines of the robot army, as well as acting as gunners and guards for some of the more complex machines.

Battle MachinesEdit

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