La foto
Name Jorge
Gender Male
Age 20
Battle Machine Strike Hunter
Status Alive
Location Sentai Mountain

Jorge is a human Exo-Force pilot and mechanical, his battle machine is the Strike Hunter.


Jorge was a mechanical in the Sentai Mountain, during the first robot rebellion he help the other humans to defeat the robots, later he help in the build of bridges to connect the mountain.

Split MountainEdit

Jorge joined to the Exo-Force team, he receive special combat training to defend the human side from the Robots, During jorge's first battle he was assigned to defend the South Bridge, using an Uplink. Finally the robots appeared with many Sentry, Jorge shot with his Blaster Cannon destroying a Sentry. while dodging gunfire from the other robots he used a torpedo to make a hole in the bridge destroyed most of the robots. finally he eliminate the last sentry with a shot. after the battle, he back to the base to repair his Battle Machine.

Jorge was send to repair a damaged door, during his work Fire Vultures appeared, Jorge try to fight with the robots but the robots defeat Jorge and captured him, destroying his Uplink. In the Robot side of the mountain, Jorge stole a gun and escaped. during his escaped he arrive in a factory where the robots was build four special battle machines, jorge stole one of them to escape, he called his new battle machine Strike Hunter. during his escape he was attacked by a Fire Vulture he use his battle machine's melee weapons to fight with the robot battle machine, after destroy the Fire Vulture, Jorge return to the Human side with his new battle machine.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Jorge is really skilled with weapons, especially with guns, he has great skill and combat fitness. in the psychological, Jorge is very respectful of life, prefer to fail a mission to let a human die, Jorge has great skills in terms of redress and leadership.

Battle MachinesEdit