Strike Hunter
Strike Hunter
Battle Machine
Affiliation Humans
Armor 5cm Proto-Steel Armor
Power Source Power Brick
Weapons Laser Rifle, Proto-Steel Knifes, Energy Sword
Pilot Jorge
Status In Use
Location Sentai Mountain

Strike Hunter is a battle machine used by the Exo-Force pilot Jorge.


The MDB-X14 (Strike Hunter) was builded by the Robots like one of the two battle machines in the X Project. during the transfer of the battle machines, a human prisioner called Jorge stole the MDB-X14 and named it Strike Hunter, he used it to escape. during his escape he was attacked by a Fire Vulture he use the Strike Hunter's melee weapons to fight with the robot battle machine, after destroy the Fire Vulture, Jorge return to the Human side with the Strike Hunter.


  • Laser Rifle
  • Proto-Steel Knifes
  • Energy Sword

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