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Battle Machine
Affiliation Humans
Armor Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Weapons Double-Barrel Blaster, Twin Torpeedos
Pilot Ryo, Jorge
Status In Use
Location Sentai Fortress

Uplink is a human battle machine, There are several Uplink models used by different pilots, but Ryo’s Uplink is more special than those because of the connection Ryo has to it and the data it contains.


Jorge's UplinkEdit

During his first battle Jorge was assigned to defend the South Bridge, using an Uplink. Finally the robots appeared with many Sentry, but finally Jorge eliminate all the sentrys. after the battle, he back to the base to repair his Uplink.

Jorge was send to repair a damaged door, during his work Fire Vultures appeared, Jorge try to fight with the robots but the robots defeat Jorge and captured him, destroying his Uplink.


  • Double-Barrel Blaster
  • Twin Torpeedos

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